Daily Archives: September 30, 2010


I'm not going to be one of those people who gets all defensive about the biggest perk we have in our profession. Classroom teachers are lucky - the holidays we get are much more than most workers get and in my case with a young family and a wife who is also a teacher, the fact that my holidays align with my boys' time off help me to be a better father and husband. I feel like I work hard and that these breaks help to balance life out and it's not like I do nothing work related at all during the time off.

We have a fortnight's break right now and it has helped me to get on top of a nasty virus that knocked me down in the final week of term. My youngest has had a friend over for the afternoon and it has been great to potter around and casually participate in their activities and conversations. Tomorrow morning we are going to get up early to be down to Woodville Bowl to get in a few $6 games before their special ends at 10.30 am. Next week, we are going to pack a picnic lunch and head up to Belair National Park for the day. I am lucky. Other people have their kids in Vacation Care programs or farmed out to grandparents during this fortnight. Even if it is as boring and mundane as popping out to buy a new pair of shoes or heading out to Hungry Jack's for lunch, this is stuff that I can enjoy - being an integral and visible part of my kids' life.