Daily Archives: February 11, 2011


This is a cool idea. David Schwen on Flickr has a series of type based images depicting sandwiches, obviously common to his part of the world. We see some of these here in Australia but not all. I can't embed his images but I can show my own Australian variations here, quickly created on a Keynote slide and then grabbed to create a image. This could be a good exercise as part of English where the vocabulary replaces the ingredient or component within an overall object. It wouldn't be limited to food either. I can imagine a typographical house with the word "window" outlining the space where windows would go, the word "door" in the slot where the door would go and so on.

Here are my efforts, linked to a pic of the actual food. I'm not making any claim that these are uniquely Australian culinary delights, just that they are typical.




So here's the challenge to anyone who hasn't participated in a blogging meme for a while. Create your own localised type delicacy using this design format and share it around. And while we're at it, let's create a twitter tag for it and see if this idea gains momentum. #typecuisine

Mmmmm ... I feel hungry just looking at these.