Daily Archives: April 15, 2011


Belinda, my neighbour in our new classroom block, went for a look at one of the newly amalgamated schools in the northern suburbs of Adelaide (dubbed one of the so called "super schools" by the Adelaide media). Today, she showed one of her photos from her visit that had both of us puzzled.
blair athol north ps 009

Belinda pointed out the long white jagged line that goes from the foreground towards the back of the room and asked me what I thought it was. She also said that whatever it was, it wasn't visible to her when she took the photo and can't recall if there were any electrical devices in the room. So, I have no idea but I suggested that I would post it here and appeal to the collective (and much more scientific) intelligence of my (and your) network. You can click on the image here to go to the original full sized version that shows more detail.

What are we looking at here?

Is it some sort of electrical disturbance that happened at the precise moment of photography?

What could causing it?

Please help us out with either your considered opinion or pointers to potential answers. Our thanks in advance. Cheers.