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I last wrote a blog post nine days ago. I know I'm not setting aside time to write here like I used to - only 31 posts here in 2011, compared to 41 at the same time in 2010, compared to 55 in 2009, compared to 59 in 2008 and so on and so on ... you get the picture. Anyway, what I'm experiencing is also what A list blogger, Joi Ito, has recently blogged about . Interestingly, the only feedback I got from that last post came via Twitter. Leaving a comment here doesn't broadcast as widely as a Twitter shout out - even though there is something nice about getting the feedback on my own site.

And then I read another A-lister, Hugh MacLeod's blog post the other day, and his words rang out true for me.

Earlier today I told everybody on Twitter and Facebook, that I’m leaving Twitter and Facebook.


Because Facebook and Twitter are too easy. Keeping up a decent blog that people actually want to take the time to read, that’s much harder. And it’s the hard stuff that pays off in the end.

Besides, even if they’re very good at hiding the fact, over on Twitter and Facebook, it’s not your content, it’s their content.

The content on your blog, however, belongs to you, and you alone. People come to your online home, to hear what you have to say, not to hear what everybody else has to say. This sense of personal sovereignty is important.

I like it. Not that I'm ditching any of my social media hangouts because no one could ever accuse me of being on Twitter or Facebook too much - but I've been here too seldom of late. And I know that actions speak louder than words in terms of arresting the posting slide here - but as everyone knows, on a blog, words are actions!

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2 thoughts on “Distributed Feedback

  1. teachermrw

    Hey, Graham. It’s been a long time. I used to be missprofe. Now I am teachermrw. 🙂 I remember when I began blogging back in 2006, you visited my blog, and provided much-needed inspiration. And while not many leave comments, except my “regulars”, I know that people are reading, sometimes linking.

    I did a ‘Net search last evening of all of the blogs I remember when I first got into the game. So many have come and gone, even those who I thought had longevity.

    Anyway, I am glad to see that you are still blogging. 🙂

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