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One of my very favourite places to hang out is the town of Goolwa. We went down there for a few days earlier in the week and enjoyed some family time. Goolwa is an amazing spot in Australia as it has the Murray River finding its way to the sea, adjacent to the Coorong not far from the fresh water lakes of Alexandrina and Albert. Things have really changed in the area since 2009 when the drought was having its biggest effect on the Murray River. The best place to see the contrast is from a lookout on top of a tall sand dune on Goolwa Beach.

Here you can see my youngest son Josh in the middle of the lookout. On his right is my wife, Joanne looking out at the Southern Ocean, while my other son Aaron in the red t-shirt is looking back towards the township of Goolwa.

Here is what he could see. You can see the Hindmarsh Island bridge in the upper right connecting Goolwa to the island over the River Murray. The clouds are greyish as a cool change had come in and it was about 7.30 pm.

It really is a nice part of the world.



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