Parallel Universes

Went out to MOC this morning with my principal for a meeting with a DECD group on Innovative Learning that my school is part of. Like Woodville Gardens, MOC is one of the State Government's new "super schools". For me, this is the third super school that I've visited (including my own) and it is a weird feeling to walk around a school that has some many architectural and design similarities but has a different student population and the purposing of the learning spaces always has a unique twist. For some walking around today, everything looks brand new but for super school leaders, the feeling of walking through a parallel universe is impossible to shake. There are in jokes about the company that services the grounds and buildings to share and it does seem that each super school has attracted a leadership team with innovation and progressive practice in mind, and are harnessing the majority of their staff member's expertise with their vision on board. So it is weird for me to see how each unique school is endeavouring to break the mould in facilities that are variations on the same architectural theme. But it is cool to see disadvantaged communities having new state of the art facilities provided for them - and a focus on rethinking and doing this thing called education a little differently.

Just to show the architectural similarities, here are two shots of both schools. Don't panic about the smoke in the background of the WGS pic - that was from a waste oil factory a few suburbs away!


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