There Are More People Around Like Me Than Print Media Would Like

The signs are everywhere around the web - the printed newspaper is on the downward slide.  A couple of pointers from my Twitter feed showcases the evidence:

The hard truth: Newspaper monopolies are gone forever

Fairfax slashes 1,900 jobs, closes presses

There is evidence closer to home. I notice every time I am offered a free Advertiser after a quick stop for groceries at Foodland and I certainly noticed when the same newspaper lobbed on my lawn for a week with a letter compelling me to continue "enjoying" the convenience of this service.

Unlike my parents-in-law who have religiously paid for home delivery of the daily paper for decades, I probably won't notice or care when the paper version ceases to exist. Oh, and one more link for posterity's sake.

Don't just blame the web for Fairfax's failure

They're no twits


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