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Responding to Lisa Neilsen's recent post: Unfollowing everyone but my very favorites on Twitter

I observed in the comments that her Top 25 were all American or Canadian, so in the spirit of you don't know what you don't know, here are 25 Non-North American Tweeters that I enjoy. They are in no particular order and as I pointed out to Lisa, I have a long way to go before my list is well balanced and inclusive of educator perspectives all around the world. I only read Tweets in English and from mainly Westernised countries, as I have said before in the past, everyone's a potential hypocrite and I am no different.

Darcy Moore


Learner, educator, deputy principal, English teacher, university lecturer, photographer, blogger, music-lover, likes openness and honesty. Interested in Japan.
Kiama, NSW 路 http://darcymoore.net

Rachel Boyd


A leader & a learner. DP, Classroom Teacher, 2012 Core eFellow & eLearning Leader in Auckland, NZ (formerly Nelson)
Southern Auckland, New Zealand 路 http://www.rachelboyd.com

Doug Belshaw


Educator, Researcher, Advocate of Openness. Former teacher and senior leader, currently at @jiscinfonet and soon to join @mozilla! #digilit #openbadges
Northumberland, England 路 http://dougbelshaw.com

Josie Fraser


I'm a social and educational technologist. Digital literacy, identity & citizenship, GreenICT, general mischief 馃檪
Leicester, London, Bristol, UK 路 http://fraser.typepad.com

Jabiz Raisdana


Teacher, learner, dad, bleeding heart, music and film addict. I want to share as much as I can with as many people as I can as often as I can.
Singapore 路 http://www.jabizraisdana.com/

Ashley Tan


Husband, father, teacher educator, Head of CeL (http://bit.ly/cel-nie), but will never grow up.

Singapore 路 http://ashleytan.wordpress.com

Kwan Tuck Soon


Primary School Chinese language teacher, ICT Subject Head, ICT Mentor and E-Learning Coordinator, #edsg co-creator, Photography hobbyist from Singapore.
Singapore 路 http://tucksoon.wordpress.com

Neil Winton


I'm a teacher who lives and works in Scotland with an insatiable curiousity for what's coming next. Pedagoo Admin. I spell favourite with a 'u.
Perth, Scotland 路 http://about.me/nwinton

Dean Groom


Writer, Game & Educational developer working in digital-culture, learning in a changing (playable) world with kids.
Sydney 路 http://www.deangroom.com

Jess McCulloch


Creator of mutli platform narrative adventures for Chinese language students. Owned by: several cats, 3 rabbits, 2 dogs, and 1 small human. Owns: 1 husband.
Melbourne 路 http://www.jessmcculloch.net

Kerry J


E-learning, Moodle, expat Yank Australian, WoWhead, childless by choice, jazz lover, Atheist, laughs a bit too loudly, looking for answers.
Adelaide, South Australia 路 http://www.kerryj.com

Carla Arena


An explorer of social media for sustainable professional development and language teaching/teaching

Brasilia, Brazil 路 http://collablogatorium.blogspot.com

Judy O'Connell


Educator, learner, blogger, librarian, technology girl, author and consultant. Transforming education and libraries. Innovation for life.
Sydney, Australia 路 http://heyjude.wordpress.com



Deputy Principal & Year 6/7 teacher excited about the opportunities to integrate ICT into learning. Interested in collaborating with others.
Adelaide, South Australia 路 http://thompson67.edublogs.org

Ben Jones


Head Teacher Teaching & Learning @merrylandshs, proudly sui generis, expect the unexpected, follow me if you dare....
Sydney 路 http://benpaddlejones.edublogs.org/

Ollie Bray


National Adviser for Emerging Technologies in Learning at LTScotland

iPhone: 51.480728,-0.445541 路 http://olliebray.typepad.com/olliebraycom/



teacher, writer, reader, cyclist and ed-tech enthusiast.

Melbourne, Australia 路 http://warrickwynne.com

Barbara Dieu


life-long learner, curious and gregarious.
Brazil 路 http://barbaradieu.com

Claudia Ceraso


Mostly a learner. I do some teaching, too. I read poems. I take photos. I write in Spanish here: http://addendus.blogspot.com Tag: EFL education
Buenos Aires, Argentina 路 http://eltnotes.blogspot.com

Karyn Romeis


Wife, mother, student, Christian, keen cook, amateur photographer...oh, and learning professional

Northamptonshire 路 http://karynkitchen.blogspot.com

jokay Wollongong


Virtual Worlds Facilitator, Designer, Geek, Edutech, Owner of jokaydiaGRID (opensim) and the Islands of jokaydia (SL). Co-founder of MassivelyMinecraft!
Wollongong, Australia 路 http://jokaydia.com

Jane Nicholls


CORE ED, EDtalks, curriculum, Media, Teacher, ICT Facilitator, eFellow, runner, photography

Dunedin New Zealand 路 http://about.me/jane.nicholls



Inspiring and engaging learners with (and without) great educational technology. Currently working as a Senior Consultant with Notosh.
Nottingham, England 路 http://edte.ch/blog



I'm a primary school teacher, keenly interested in infusing ICT & thinking skills into my classroom programme
Auckland, New Zealand 路 http://keateach.blogspot.com

Ewan McIntosh


We build & invest in tech/web startups (http://www.notosh.com) then export the way they work to schools & universities all over the world (edu.blogs.com)
Edinburgh, Scotland 路 http://edu.blogs.com

So, you can see that my Top 25 still only covers a limited number of countries. This doesn't mean that there are great Tweeters from North America that I follow. There are - but the world is a bigger place than the top half of America. And I didn't even need to include myself in the list 馃檪

Actually, if I weren't me, I probably wouldn't bother following myself on Twitter.