25 Non-North American Educator Tweeters Worth A Follow

Responding to Lisa Neilsen's recent post: Unfollowing everyone but my very favorites on Twitter

I observed in the comments that her Top 25 were all American or Canadian, so in the spirit of you don't know what you don't know, here are 25 Non-North American Tweeters that I enjoy. They are in no particular order and as I pointed out to Lisa, I have a long way to go before my list is well balanced and inclusive of educator perspectives all around the world. I only read Tweets in English and from mainly Westernised countries, as I have said before in the past, everyone's a potential hypocrite and I am no different.

Darcy Moore


Learner, educator, deputy principal, English teacher, university lecturer, photographer, blogger, music-lover, likes openness and honesty. Interested in Japan.
Kiama, NSW 路 http://darcymoore.net

Rachel Boyd


A leader & a learner. DP, Classroom Teacher, 2012 Core eFellow & eLearning Leader in Auckland, NZ (formerly Nelson)
Southern Auckland, New Zealand 路 http://www.rachelboyd.com

Doug Belshaw


Educator, Researcher, Advocate of Openness. Former teacher and senior leader, currently at @jiscinfonet and soon to join @mozilla! #digilit #openbadges
Northumberland, England 路 http://dougbelshaw.com

Josie Fraser


I'm a social and educational technologist. Digital literacy, identity & citizenship, GreenICT, general mischief 馃檪
Leicester, London, Bristol, UK 路 http://fraser.typepad.com

Jabiz Raisdana


Teacher, learner, dad, bleeding heart, music and film addict. I want to share as much as I can with as many people as I can as often as I can.
Singapore 路 http://www.jabizraisdana.com/

Ashley Tan


Husband, father, teacher educator, Head of CeL (http://bit.ly/cel-nie), but will never grow up.

Singapore 路 http://ashleytan.wordpress.com

Kwan Tuck Soon


Primary School Chinese language teacher, ICT Subject Head, ICT Mentor and E-Learning Coordinator, #edsg co-creator, Photography hobbyist from Singapore.
Singapore 路 http://tucksoon.wordpress.com

Neil Winton


I'm a teacher who lives and works in Scotland with an insatiable curiousity for what's coming next. Pedagoo Admin. I spell favourite with a 'u.
Perth, Scotland 路 http://about.me/nwinton

Dean Groom


Writer, Game & Educational developer working in digital-culture, learning in a changing (playable) world with kids.
Sydney 路 http://www.deangroom.com

Jess McCulloch


Creator of mutli platform narrative adventures for Chinese language students. Owned by: several cats, 3 rabbits, 2 dogs, and 1 small human. Owns: 1 husband.
Melbourne 路 http://www.jessmcculloch.net

Kerry J


E-learning, Moodle, expat Yank Australian, WoWhead, childless by choice, jazz lover, Atheist, laughs a bit too loudly, looking for answers.
Adelaide, South Australia 路 http://www.kerryj.com

Carla Arena


An explorer of social media for sustainable professional development and language teaching/teaching

Brasilia, Brazil 路 http://collablogatorium.blogspot.com

Judy O'Connell


Educator, learner, blogger, librarian, technology girl, author and consultant. Transforming education and libraries. Innovation for life.
Sydney, Australia 路 http://heyjude.wordpress.com



Deputy Principal & Year 6/7 teacher excited about the opportunities to integrate ICT into learning. Interested in collaborating with others.
Adelaide, South Australia 路 http://thompson67.edublogs.org

Ben Jones


Head Teacher Teaching & Learning @merrylandshs, proudly sui generis, expect the unexpected, follow me if you dare....
Sydney 路 http://benpaddlejones.edublogs.org/

Ollie Bray


National Adviser for Emerging Technologies in Learning at LTScotland

iPhone: 51.480728,-0.445541 路 http://olliebray.typepad.com/olliebraycom/



teacher, writer, reader, cyclist and ed-tech enthusiast.

Melbourne, Australia 路 http://warrickwynne.com

Barbara Dieu


life-long learner, curious and gregarious.
Brazil 路 http://barbaradieu.com

Claudia Ceraso


Mostly a learner. I do some teaching, too. I read poems. I take photos. I write in Spanish here: http://addendus.blogspot.com Tag: EFL education
Buenos Aires, Argentina 路 http://eltnotes.blogspot.com

Karyn Romeis


Wife, mother, student, Christian, keen cook, amateur photographer...oh, and learning professional

Northamptonshire 路 http://karynkitchen.blogspot.com

jokay Wollongong


Virtual Worlds Facilitator, Designer, Geek, Edutech, Owner of jokaydiaGRID (opensim) and the Islands of jokaydia (SL). Co-founder of MassivelyMinecraft!
Wollongong, Australia 路 http://jokaydia.com

Jane Nicholls


CORE ED, EDtalks, curriculum, Media, Teacher, ICT Facilitator, eFellow, runner, photography

Dunedin New Zealand 路 http://about.me/jane.nicholls



Inspiring and engaging learners with (and without) great educational technology. Currently working as a Senior Consultant with Notosh.
Nottingham, England 路 http://edte.ch/blog



I'm a primary school teacher, keenly interested in infusing ICT & thinking skills into my classroom programme
Auckland, New Zealand 路 http://keateach.blogspot.com

Ewan McIntosh


We build & invest in tech/web startups (http://www.notosh.com) then export the way they work to schools & universities all over the world (edu.blogs.com)
Edinburgh, Scotland 路 http://edu.blogs.com

So, you can see that my Top 25 still only covers a limited number of countries. This doesn't mean that there are great Tweeters from North America that I follow. There are - but the world is a bigger place than the top half of America. And I didn't even need to include myself in the list 馃檪

Actually, if I weren't me, I probably wouldn't bother following myself on Twitter.

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5 thoughts on “25 Non-North American Educator Tweeters Worth A Follow

  1. Mick Raike

    My wife and I were just discussing yesterday how different the world of communication was a mere 15 years ago. As professionals, our networking capabilities was limited to who was on our phone tree. Now, like you, we can “bounce” ideas off of anyone from around the world and receive a multitude of simple and complex ideas. Some may bemoan the fact that technology continues to expand at expotential rates. However, I for one, shamelessly cheer it on and childishly look foward to “the next great thing”.


  2. Rachel Boyd

    Thanks for the inclusion on the list Graham!
    I’ve found 3 new people to follow, thanks for that. Twitter is still my best ever source of PD, it’s a shame more of our teachers aren’t networking online on a daily basis.

  3. Neil Winton

    Thanks for including me in such lofty company! 馃槈 And thanks for pointing me at some great new people as well.

    I’m always amazed at the ‘local’ nature of the usual lists when we have the capacity to create global lists like yours. Learning is universal and we do well to remember that. (Says the man who is about to vote for Scotland to become an independent nation again. How much more local can you get than that!)

  4. Pam Thompson

    Hi Graham. Thanks for including me in your list – very humbled to be on the same list as some of the people I highly respect in the world of education! I’ve also found a few new people to follow so bonus 馃檪

    I can’t really imagine restricting my PLN to just a few select people all from the same part of the globe as me! To me that almost seems to fly in the face of what PLN’s are about. Like Rachel much of my PD has been instigated by twitter.


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