Here’s My First Conscious Social Object Concept (Very Rough Format)

Following on from yesterday's post:

This idea stems from a common problem in primary school yards - dropped litter. Buckets that encourage social responsibility with a touch of fun - and bin "monsters" that are inviting to use - a problem that seems to be challenging to address in terms of altering behaviour. Lecturing and emu parades are just temporary bandaids and really only prompt action from already responsible students. Could this work or has it already been done?

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One thought on “Here’s My First Conscious Social Object Concept (Very Rough Format)

  1. John Evans


    Looks to me like you’re on the right track.

    I read in “Made to Stick” about how the state of Texas dealt with their constant littering problem on highways by getting the phrase “Don’t Mess with Texas!” to be the catch phrase against littering. They have a load of ads on YouTube for the project some more successful than others but all with the phrase “Don’t Mess with Texas!”

    Keep well and thanks you for the information on the Premier’s Reading Challenge!



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