Put The Spoon Away

True story.

Names not used and context changed to protect those who need protection.

Leader in a school sends out email to primary school staff informing them about the new Australian Professional Standards for Teachers, and includes a link to the website. Receives an email back from staff member complaining that the link doesn't work and could the correct one be emailed back out.

When will some teachers give up the expectation to be spoon fed everything? It literally takes less than a minute to type in "aitsl teacher standards" into Google, click on the first link and navigate the website to find what was required. It would even have taken less time than the typing of the reply email to point out the mis-leading link.

Still a lot of work to do in order to re-define professional learning, and for teachers to activate the desire to leverage technology for self learning.

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2 thoughts on “Put The Spoon Away

  1. CHolt

    It is interesting that your impression is that teachers want to be spoon fed. I have come to that same conclusion for several reasons. In my experiences with the professional development of educators, there are some teachers who continue to teach the way that it has been done for decades. Teachers complain about having to go to training and they complain because there are new trends in education that no one has trained them on. I have also found that the smallest hurdle presents large challenges to many people. I think that some of this resistance is due to teachers feeling overwhelmed and overworked. I think that some of this is the fact that students are changing and some teachers are not embracing these changing students or changing teaching practices. Whatever the reason, teachers have to stop being petty, embrace change, be flexible and try to enjoy doing what they should be passionate about doing….teaching. If not, maybe education is not the career path to follow.

  2. Scott Foale

    This is a great piece graham. Can you please email the link to all staff for me? 🙂 (I am obviously using the spoon to stir with…)


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