When Do I Stop Aspiring To Be A Leader, And Just Be One?

When do I stop aspiring to be a leader, and just be one?

That question crossed my mind yesterday after a meeting at an eastern suburbs school, which is situated right next door to the Eastern Regional office where I was booked to attend an Aspiring Leaders Program today. I was chatting to the principal as I was departing, and she was listed to be a guest speaker at today's event, I remarked that I would be one of the participants listening to her speak. She looked at me, and said something along the lines of, "Haven't you been to this sort of thing before in the past? I remember seeing you at one of these type of events back in 2010."

It really made me think - I know that I am a leader at my school, and was one in the one before - but here I was still seeing myself as an aspiring leader, not just as a leader <full stop>. Maybe because I'm not the leader (i.e. a principal) that makes me assume that I still have to get more grounding, more knowledge, more experience, more everything (!!!) before I can offload the aspiring tag.

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One thought on “When Do I Stop Aspiring To Be A Leader, And Just Be One?

  1. Sam

    I think if you stop aspiring, you stop inspiring. Your primary role is inspiration of students and faculty to continue learning. If you are just a leader , you have stopped the most powerful way to inspire (through modelling). Don’t stop aspiring!


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