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An Aussie primary school educator involved in technology leadership at his school, always looking to learn and discuss breaking issues.

E-mail me :- wegner.graham@gmail.com


Tinted Glasses (Or How I View The World Through This Blog)

This blog is composed entirely of my own views and re-mixed versions of other people's views. I use this blog as a space for personal reflection and connection and in no way want this to be seen to be representative of the views of my school, employer or future employers. As Australia is a free democracy (the last time I looked) I may feel free to make constructive observations of events and initiatives within my own system. This does not make me a troublemaker or whinger, just someone who believes that open and constructive discussion will help those with the power to make significant decisions on the education community's behalf.

I am deeply commited to the concept of public education in Australia. I am proud and passionate about the fact that public schools in Australia lead the way in innovation, curriculum development, equity, compassion and empathy for their students. I worry when I see outside factors seek to influence and erode the good things my colleagues are doing on a daily basis. What they achieve with the resources they are given is amazing - imagine what could happen if they were supported more!

I am a committed life long learner and love the fact that technology have enabled me to take control of my learning in the most complete way ever. I want more of my colleagues to feel this absolute thirst to go further and further and see what new learning will be offered to me tomorrow via the edublogosphere.




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17 thoughts on “Who’s Graham?

  1. Geoff Brogan

    NEVER – NEVER – NEVER give up the fight to improve the education of our kids

    I wish you more than GOOD LUCK

  2. Graham

    Post author

    Cheers, Geoff, Bec and Michael! Three people I respect enormously making time to encourage me in my chosen profession and this blog where I take it beyond just a job. Your good wishes are much appreciated.

  3. Graham Wegner

    Alex, I do need to take a leaf out of your book and build more pages into my blog that showcase my achievements and contributions so that my presentations are easy to find and view. Who knows – maybe it could lead to opportunities that I have previously believed were beyond my reach.

  4. Chris Harbeck

    All opportunities are within reach. Always strive for the your goals and make them happen. You are a must read for all teachers who appreciate educational technology out there.

  5. EDin08

    Hi Graham

    I just wanted to make sure that you were invited to our education “Blogger Summit”. We hope you can make it and feel free to share this invitation with any other bloggers in the area that might be interested. The invitation is attached below.

    ED In ’08 Blogger Summit


    Strong American Schools is excited to announce the ED in ’08 Blogger Summit. Conference details are as follows:

    May 14th – 15th
    Palomar Hotel, Washington DC
    Registration is Free!

    An opening reception is scheduled on the evening of Wednesday, May 14th. Cocktails and hors d’oeuvres will be served before the screening of a new documentary film on education, Two Million Minutes. A Q&A session with the filmmakers is set to follow.

    Then join us for an all-day conference on May 15th. Nowhere else will you have an opportunity to meet and network with fellow education bloggers, participate in panels, attend workshops, and help tackle some tough questions on the state of education in America.

    Space is limited, so be sure to RSVP today!

    Register at http://edin08.com/bloggersummit/

  6. Tony Searl

    Hi Graham
    Well said, I found myself nodding along while reading tinted glasses. I will return to read more, thanks.

  7. Miss W.

    G’day Graham,
    I was on the Edublogger birthday post and saw your comment, so thought I would visit your blog to tell you about a student blogging challenge that will be starting in March 2009.

    Students may use either a class blog or their own individual blog. There will be activities each week and they will be posted on my class blog http://wyatt67.edublogs.org

    If any teachers or students are interested in registering, please do so here http://wyatt67.edublogs.org/2009/01/18/a-new-year-means-a-new-challenge/

    A similar challenge was held last year and nearly 500 students from nine different countries of the world took part. These students are still blogging and running a collaborative blog at http://studentfriends.edublogs.org

  8. Geoffrey Gevalt

    Have been doing too much Web surfing today, but having fun doing it, I confess and bumped into all your work. Am posting a link to your blog on our teachers’ site….

    I have an idea…

    I run a nonprofit in Vermont that is dedicated to building a generation of better writers. We use digital technology in engaging the students, mentors and other tricks to help them get better and we publish their work where ever and whenever we can — newspapers, on radio, online and on stage.

    We also work with schools and teachers trying to hoist them up to the 21st century.

    I would love to find a school in Australia that might be interested in doing a joint writing project with students up here.

    What I was thinking of doing is finding a school there and a school here and creating a site for the students to share writing, ideas and information.

    Interested? If so, drop me an email…. ggevalt(at)youngwritersproject.org

    Our other sites: http://ywpvt.net and http://ywpblog.ywpvt.net

  9. Nikki Aharonian

    Hi Graham,
    A few years ago you recommended a fantastic “Slideshare” presentation about effective powerpoint presentations. I can’t find it on your blog – can you point me in the right direction?

  10. meila rismana

    Hi, Graham
    I do like reading your blog especially talking about multiliteracies since it is related to my thesis proposal. Would you be so kind to send me the sample of narrative text in form of multimodal text which is appropriate for first year students of university in indonesia. Thanks

  11. Julie-Anne Byrnes

    Hi Graham,

    I was just doing some research about John Hattie and came across your blog, (wondering if it was the same Graham Wegner that I went to college with) and there you were!!! How have you been all these years? Great to see you so actively involved in discussion about education. Love to hear from you.
    Julie-Anne Byrnes

    1. Graham Wegner

      G’day, Julie-Anne, and yes, this is the same Graham Wegner that you went to teachers college with! A quick Google tells me that you are still living the good life over at Cleve. I’ll drop you an email sometime to “catch up” after all of these years. Cheers.

  12. Sebastian White

    Hi Graham,
    I know this is a bit belated but I was impressed by what you had said on this particular page: http://aliceproject5.wordpress.com/2009/10/29/the-peculiar-writing-style-of-lewis-carroll/

    Nevertheless I was impressed by the statements on this site, which counter starkly the pretentiousness and lack of common sense shown by a large proportion of the literary industry.

    If anyone is interested in children’s zany stories wwwquirkyclaus.com and comic fantasy do please have a perusal of my site and to take a view for looking out for my work…

    By the way, I did commit a few spelling errors on there, but I am unaware of how to edit this submission if required?

    PS: I am looking for someone out there, concievably not neccessarily even in this hemisphere or if required this planet(applications from the planet Zorg are welcome)for support or preferably “publication” of my forthcoming comic fantasy – The Tallest Dwarf!

  13. Olga Torres

    Hello Graham
    Opportunities knocks once, I´m lucky to get your block, I was surfing in order to get interesting blogs about education and I really like yours. you love teaching and You´re really interested in getting new visions to our lovely profession. Teaching is one of the best professions a human can enjoy sharing with others what you know, what you can do for others, and a no far future teachers can see happyly what he has created for future generations. Congratulations to encourage not to give up to be a teacher. greetings from Colombia


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