Daily Archives: September 30, 2011

One of the cool things about changing schools is getting a taste of local cuisine from one of the prominent cultures of the school community. When I was at Ceduna, it was getting a taste of cooked-in-coals wombat (a local Aboriginal food) and having a parent of Greek background cook yiros for our class party here a couple of years ago when I was still at Lockleys North.

So, the latest culinary discovery for me at my new school is Banh Mi, commonly and simply known in that part of Adelaide as Vietnamese Meat Rolls. Many of the teachers are really into them, many of the students have them daily as their lunch and they are really great value for money. I had one today with barbecue pork for $4.50 and it filled me up just as much as a foot long Subway sandwich at more than double the price. Typically, the roll has the meat, sliced cucumber and pickled carrots strips with either a buttery mayonnaise or chilli paste on the bottom and sliced chillis for that extra flavour hit. Some venues add in radish strips or shredded lettuce. So far over the last two months I've tried about four different venues around the school's neighbourhood - this link gives a good explanation of the roll's origin. So, if you are ever in the Hanson Road area in Adelaide, drop into one of these shops and give Banh Mi a try.