Shaun The Sheep

Even though illness has wreaked havoc with the adults in my household over the Easter long weekend, I've enjoyed the opportunity to kick back and relax with my sons. Friday and Monday have included watching a bit of ABC Kids and our newest favourite TV show, Shaun The Sheep. I hardly ever consciously watch television these days but Shaun has really grabbed my attention. Made by the same company that produced Wallace and Gromit, Shaun The Sheep is six minutes of storytelling minus speech and words, in a very potent example of a modern text type.

There are a few places for the uninitiated to view Shaun - there's the official website where some 30 second clips can be viewed or a search on YouTube turns quite a few videos (more than likely to be probably breaching copyright so view them quickly as some have already been taken down) to check out. And if you become a full-blown fan (sorry, bad Aussie sheep pun there) then you could buy the book Feng Shaun (Discover Inner Peace With Shaun The Sheep), or the DVD (might be a good birthday gift this year - for me!) although I could only find it at the ABC shop or

It's hard to describe this show because it defies traditional kids' television so if you can spare a few minutes, check out a video and be ready to have a laugh at some very clever animation and fantastic storylines. If nothing else, check out Saturday Night Shaun...

I'm a fan of Shaun the Sheep!
Both images from the Fankit downloads on the official website.
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4 thoughts on “Shaun The Sheep

  1. Kim P

    Thanks for sharing “Shaun” with us big kids! I was in England in January and fell in love with these cute sheep. Now I can see them on TV. Might have to become a “full-blown fan”…….. 🙂

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  3. Larry

    I had never heard of Shaun the Sheep before I read this. It’s delightful. I teach ESL in California, and your post inspired me to make a list of videos that are great for beginner learners of English, and I included your post on the list.

  4. Sophie

    Shaun the sheep rocks! I live in England and it is truly one of my favourite programs at the moment, it’s just a shame each episode is only about six minutes long. My parents love this show too (and I’m not exactly tiny, being 29!)


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