More Just-In-Time E-Portfolio Stuff

Via Josie Fraser, a wide ranging post on the UK government's efforts at supporting the e-portfolio movement.

The UK Government’s e-strategy, Harnessing Technology outlined a clear commitment to ensuring learners have access to Personal Learning Space (PLS) where they can “store coursework, course resources, results, and achievements…with the potential to support e-portfolios”, available in every school and college by 2007-08. It’s proved to be a popular idea – with many intuitions engaging in research and investigation, and even becoming early adopters of the currently available e-portfolio products. There isn’t currently an agreed definition of PLS or e-portfolio functionality and standards: however, guidelines, ideas and recommendations are fast emerging.

So where are we going to go in South Australia. I'll find out tomorrow - except I was really, really late with my rsvp. Hope I don't get a "Don't bother coming" e-mail tomorrow morning.

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